9 Korean dramas that mentioned BTS’s Jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook is arguably the most famous K-pop idol around. He’s well known both internationally and in his home country. Countless times Jungkook’s name has accidentally surfaced outside of K-pop and even the music industry in general, such as when he was mentioned on the famous American sitcom The Simpsons.

Jungkook has been featured in numerous Korean television and drama shows, proving his strong influence in South Korea. Below are a few Korean dramas and shows where Jungkook was accidentally mentioned:

1. “Crash Landing on You”

Jungkook was featured in this hugely popular Korean drama starring Hyun Bin and Song Ye Jin. In the scene where Song Ye Jin’s character meets a girl in Pyeongyang, North Korea, she introduces herself as an ARMY and refers to Jungkook as her bias.

2. “Pop Out Boy”

The heroine wanted Jungkook to appear in front of her, so she tore up the paper and called out his name

3. “Mr. Sunshine “

This is a Korean drama written by famous screenwriter Kim Eun Suk. Jungkook’s name appears in a letter the protagonist sent to his grandfather urging him to support the uprising of soldiers across the country. In the letter, Jungkook’s name was written in Chinese characters in a sentence that read “Yu-sen Jung Jungkook Busan”. (Note: The word “Yu-san” means “Confucian scholar” which was usually addressed to aristocrats during the Joseon era).

4. “Blessings of the Sea”

The man invites the woman to set up a blind date for her, saying he has a lot of beautiful friends, including one who looks like BTS’s Jungkook.

5. “Restarting the roller coaster”

The heroine watches Jungkook’s funkam while the narrator in the background says, “When I see my vitamin, my tonic, BTS’s ‘golden maknae’ Jungkook, I automatically get a smile like the proud smile of my mother. But if you smile too often you will feel a brutal collision with reality, so be careful. ”

6. “Hospital Playlist”

Bottles of Babinski Cold Brew coffee starring Jungkook and Suga were featured in an episode of this hit Korean drama.

7. “The Uncanny Encounter”

This Korean drama features a scene in which BTS’s drawings and poster are seen on the wall, including a drawing of Jungkook and Jin from their “Go Go” performance.

8. “Common Siblings”

It is a popular children’s comedy series with a YouTube channel of 2 million subscribers. In one of the episodes, the brother was happy because he found a letter in his sister’s room, which said: “Oppa, I will always love you.” It turns out that the “oppa” in the letter actually refers to Jungkook. The sister was upset that her brother read her fan letter without permission. The full content of her letter read: “Oppa, thank you for always being by my side. Sorry that I haven’t been so good to you lately. I will always love you”.

9. “Girls’ High School Mystery Class”

Jungkook and V were featured in this Korean web series. Jang Do Yeon, one of the main characters, said, “Is there anything that might surprise people? Wow! It’s BTS! BTS came to our school! Wow! It’s Jungkook! Wee came too! ”

Have you watched any of these dramas? Are there any other dramas you’ve seen Jungkook’s name is mentioned? Let us know in the comment!

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