Ahn Hyo Seopu and Jo Bo Ah offered roles in webtoon drama The Office Blind Date

Ahn Hyo Seopu and Jo Bo Ah are offered roles in a webtoon-based romance drama”The Office Blind Date”.

Office Blind Date is a romantic comedy about an office worker who, in the request of her friend, goes on a blind date with the CEO of her company, pretending to be her friend. The story was first published as a web novel by author Hae Hwa in 2017 and turned into a webtoon in 2018. In August 2020, KakaoPage announced that it would adapt a web romance and a webtoon into a drama.

Xportsnews previously reported that Jo Bo Ah was considering an offer to star in a drama as a female lead. If she accepts the role,  she will play Shin Ha Ri, an ordinary office worker. When she has a blind date instead of her friend.

On March 16, OSEN revealed that Ahn Hyo Seop was considering an offer to star in a drama. After that, a source from Ahn Hye Sop’s Starhaus Entertainment agency shared that “The Office Blind Date” is one of the projects he received an offer for. He is considering this proposal. ”

The drama will be directed by Park Seong Ho, who has worked on projects including “Suspicious Partner” and “Wok of Love”.

The premier schedule and channel have not yet been released.



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