Cheng Yi Starts Filming New Fantasy Drama “Agarwood Like Crumbs”

It has been revealed that Chinese actor Cheng Yi, who captured the hearts of fans as the demon Sifeng in the drama “Love and Redemption”, has started filming a new fantasy drama “Agarwood Like Crumbs” (Chen Xiang Ru Xie), based on the novel by author Soo Mo.
The lead female role is played by actress Jing Tian. She will appear before the audience as Yang Dan, the Spirit of the Four-Leaf Lotus. In the form of a flower, it is of great medical value. One day, she and her twin sister at the Queen Mother’s celebration were able to take human form a hundred years earlier than expected. The disrupted process of reincarnation led to the fact that Yang Dan faced the most difficult test of his life – love.

Yang Dan gave half of his heart to save the sick and blind Emperor Ying Yuan (Cheng Yi). He didn’t know whose credit it was for surviving and offending Yang Dan over and over again. It took her 800 years to forget the one to whom she gave her heart. Instead of becoming a deity, the heroine becomes a demon in her next life. She was sheltered by the mountain spirit of Yu Mo, who took care of her and made her do things for good every day. They are pursued by the righteous demon hunter Tang Zhou – the earthly embodiment of Yin Yuan. As a result, Yang Dan and Yu Mo team up with Tang Zhou and set off in search of four ancient artifacts that keep their origin a secret.

The drama was directed by Love and Redemption sub-directors Guo Hu and Ren Hai Tao. The screenplay was written by Zhang Yuan An (“Choking Sweetness, Frozen Ash”, “The Lost Tomb”).

The series is slated to premiere in 2022.


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