Gong Hyo Jin to star in upcoming drama “Woman in Crisis”

Ilgan Sports reported that Gong Hyo Jin was offered the lead role in Netflix’s Woman in Crisis, based on the original script. Agency Management SOOP says the actress is ready to accept the invitation.

The new drama will star screenwriter Kim Ma Ri, who writes outstanding scripts for makjang dramas that use deliberately exaggerated or ridiculous plot moves. Its stories always begin with a provocative plot and rush at a breakneck pace, the villains are unpredictable, and the heroes inflict sophisticated revenge. It’s no wonder his name in the credits is a true sign of quality, and his work receives over 35% of viewers’ ratings. The writers promise that “Woman in Crisis” will play makjang genre clichés in any way it can, like the lovable but disappointing main character, the caring heir of a big company, the secret behind someone’s birth, but that is revealed at the most important moment, and the kimchi hits against the face.

The screenplay is written by Kim Soo Ah and directed by Lee Won Suk (“Manipulation Manual”).

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