Hayami Mokichi to star in “There Is A Reason Why You Cannot Get Married”

ABC-tvk’s new drama “Reason I’m Still Not Married” will air on April 18, 2021. The drama is based on Murasaki’s manga of the same title.

Wakatsuki Yumi will play Goto Mariko, a woman who wants to get married before 30 and finds her ideal man in her colleague Tomizawa Mitsuo (Hayami Mokomichi), who has a secret.

The drama is about a 29 year old woman Goto Mariko, who dreams of marrying her ideal man at 30. She finds her ideal man in Tomizawa Mitsuo, who works as a department manager in the same company as Mariko. Mitsuo is smart, good looking and excel at his job. He seems like the perfect man, but he has a secret that he loves his doll named Michuko.





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