Jang Na Ra turns into a hot-tempered exorcist in upcoming drama Real Estate Exorcism

Upcoming fantasy romance drama “Real Estate Exorcism (2021)” released the first footage of Jang Na Ra!

The drama tells the story of a real estate agent (Jang Na Ra) and a con artist (CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa) team up to drive evil spirits out of homes where people have died.

Jang Na Ra will play Hong Ji Ah, boss and exorcist of Daebak Real Estate. With her beauty and intelligence, she looks perfect, but in fact she is a very hot-tempered person. Jang Na Ra is loved by viewers for her acting talent, which she has demonstrated in many projects. The actress intends to impress the public again with her reincarnation.

The drama is directed by Park Jin Suk, who has also directed School 2017, Naked Fireman, and Strange Fairy Tale.

In the new footage, Hong Ji Ah prepares to perform an exorcism session. She wears a black suit that perfectly matches her fair skin. The smoke of the incense adds to the special mystical atmosphere. Viewers are eager to learn more about the character and see how she interacts with ghosts.

After completing the first day of filming, the actress shared, “I discovered Real Estate Exorcism at a time when I really wanted to show myself from a different perspective, so I chose this project as soon as I got it. ” She continued, “I think new challenges are always associated not only with excitement, but also with new burdens. This role takes a lot of energy, but I really enjoy filming thanks to the help and attention of the other cast and crew. I look forward to the day when I can greet everyone as Hong Ji Ah. ”

The drama’s production team revealed that they were confident that Jang Na Ra would be perfect for the role due to her pure soul and strong personality.

The drama will premiere on April 14.


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