Park Hyung-sik to star in tvN drama Golden Hairpin

On March 19, an industry spokesperson announced, “Park Hyun Sik will return to the small screens in Golden Hairpin, tvN’s most anticipated project in the second half of the year . ”

In response, a source from the actor’s agency commented, “After receiving an offer to star in screenwriter Jung Hyun Jung’s new project Golden Hairpin, discussions continue in a positive way.”

Golden Hairpin tells the love story between a genius heroine whose family is once accused of murder and a prince suffering from a mysterious curse. Their story begins when a fateful meeting takes place, and they recognize each other as their only salvation. Although their relationship begins as a deal, it gradually turns into an inevitable romance.

Park Hyun Sik was offered the role of Prince Lee Hwan, who from the most freedom-loving person to the greatest cynic after coming to power following the overthrow of his father and the death of his brother. He falls into a deeper abyss of darkness when his mother, the only remaining member of his family and the person he trusted, dies shortly thereafter. Outwardly, he is a fearless person, but deeply devastated.

It is reported that Park Hyun Sik has received several offers since returning from the military, and many are eagerly awaiting the project he chooses.

The screenplay for Golden Hairpin will be written by Jung Hyun Jung (I Want Romance, Find True Love, Five Children, Romantic App, City Couple Love Path). The drama will be directed by Lee Jong Jae (“Husband for a Hundred Days”, “Double”).

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