SBS announces “Joseon Exorcist” will be permanently canceled

Immediately after its premiere on March 22, korean drama “Joseon Exorcist” was criticized for using Chinese props and food, which many viewers believed to be a distortion of Korean history. Although SBS initially released a statement of apology and explanation, viewer reaction continued to grow as more and more Chinese-style elements appeared in the drama’s second episode. Shortly after, all of the drama’s sponsors withdrew from the project, and the channel announced that the drama would take a week-long hiatus to revamp the plot. However, just two days later, SBS announced that the drama would no longer be returning to the airwaves.

On March 26, SBS released the following official statement regarding “Joseon Exorcist” which premiered in its first two episodes earlier this week. The TV station said:

“We’re here to update you on SBS’s position on Joseon’s drama The Exorcist.

Since SBS is deeply aware of the seriousness of the current situation [regarding the drama], we have decided to terminate the broadcast rights contract for “The Exorcist of Joseon” and to cancel the full broadcast of the drama.

At this point, SBS has already paid most of the rights to broadcast the drama, and the production company has already done 80% of the shoot.

While we are concerned about the financial loss suffered by both the broadcaster and the production company, as well as the gap in our broadcast network, SBS feels a great responsibility as a public broadcast network and we inform you. that we have decided to cancel the broadcast of the drama. “

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