Seo In Guk talks about his upcoming drama “Doom at Your Service”

In an interview, Seo In Guk spoke about his upcoming tvN drama “Doom at Your Service” (“One Day Destruction Came To Our Door ”). This romantic fantasy drama follows a man who makes everything he touches disappear and a woman who risks her life to escape her fate.

Seo In Guk will play a character known as the “destroyer”, who contracts with Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young). When she is trapped in her tragic fate, he decides to try his luck to save her.

Seo In Guk said, “I focused on unleashing the original charm of an unknown character named Mölman, abandoning acting techniques and style that I had shown viewers before. Mölmann is the one who is responsible for what “disappears”. It will be either funny or sad, depending on the viewer’s point of view. ”

Seo In Guk also mentioned his co-star Park Bo Young. He shared, “We’ve both worked with director Yoo Jae Won before. I hoped that one day I could work with her, and this time I succeeded. I learn a lot from her and we have fun filming together. ”

Seo In Guk is successful both as an actor and as a singer. He shared when he felt satisfied with his acting career, explaining, “I’m happy my project is coming out and viewers are paying attention to what I wanted to show. Even though it’s physically difficult on set, I feel like I’m doing my best and that’s when I realize that I really love this job. ”

He then added, “I’m working on songs and always thinking about how to share them with my fans. I will try to be both an actor and a singer. ”


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