Teaser “Bossam – stealing fate” was released

MBN has posted a teaser for the historical drama “Bossam – Stealing Destiny” on its YouTube channel , which is expected to premiere on May 3.

The series is set in the territory of the state of Joseon in the 17th century, during the reign of Wang Gwanghe-gun. During this period, widows could not remarry. To get around this rule, the bosses practiced – the kidnapping of a widow by a bachelor or a widower, followed by marriage. Sometimes the bosses were committed by mutual consent, sometimes by agreement of the families, and sometimes by force.

At the center of the plot is Ba Woo, who will be played by Jung Il Woo, a wanderer who fled after being trapped and his name covered in shame. He’s ready for any crime – fraud, theft, or beating, so one day he agrees to set up the bosses. Already taking his victim away, he realizes that he has either made a fatal mistake or won a once in a lifetime chance – he kidnapped Kwanghae-gun’s daughter, the beautiful Soo Kyung, played by Kwon Yoo Ri. She entered into a political marriage with the older brother of the man she is in love with, but he died on the wedding day, leaving the young woman widowed.

Gwanghae-gun, played by Kim Tae Woo, sends his men, led by Lee Yi Chum, played by Lee Jae Young, to bring his daughter back to the palace. But Ba Woo won’t give up without a fight, and Su Kyung helps him. This is how an unexpected love story begins between two completely different people …






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