TvN drama ‘Bulgasal’ cast confirmed (Kwon Nara, Lee Jin Wook )

TvN’s new project “Pulgasari” is a fantasy drama that revolves around a woman who has experienced multiple reincarnations over 600 years and remembers all of her past lives, and a man who has lived for over 600 years as a bulgasal (a mythical creature that feeds off human blood).

Kwon Nara will play Min Sang Woon, who was once a bulgasal but reincarnated as a human. After the death of her mother and twin sister at the hands of an unknown assassin, Min Sang Woon escapes with her younger sister Min Sa Ho. She tries her best to hide her name and identity, but her appearance of a bulgasal alters her secret life.

Lee Jin Wook will play Dan Hval, who became a bulgasal during the Joseon Dynasty while serving as a military officer on a mission to destroy the previous dynasty.

Lee Joon will play Ok Eul Tae, another bulgasal  living in secrecy. He has amassed immense wealth, which he uses to control politicians, businessmen and the media. He has become the most influential figure in Korea.

Gong Seung Yeon will take on the role of Dan Hwal’s ex-wife Dan Seol. She is the daughter of a powerful family who ends up marrying Dan Hwal because of her father.

Jung Jin Young, Park Myung Shin and UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok will also star in the drama.

The drama is slated to premiere in 2022.

The drama will be directed by Jang Young Woo(“I Want Romance 3″ ,”Mr. Sunshine” and “Sweet Home”). The screenplay will be written by Kwon So Ra and Seo Jae Won (“Guest”).


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